Recently, my research has centered around two themes: visual political social media communication and marketing pedagogy involving technology. Below is a collection of my most recent publications.

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Visual and Social Media Political Communications

Towner, T. and Muñoz (2020, forthcoming) Instagramming Issues: Agenda Setting during the 2016 Presidential Campaigns. Social Media + Society

Towner, T. and Muñoz C. (2017) Picture Perfect?: The Role of Instagram in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Social Science Computer Review  

Muñoz, C. and Towner T. (2017) The Image is the Message: Instagram Marketing and the 2016 Presidential Primary Season, Journal of Political Marketing, 16 (3-4), 290-318.

Towner, T. and Muñoz C. (2016) Boomers versus Millennials: Online Media Influence on Media Performance and Candidate Evaluations, Social Sciences, 5(4) 56; doi: 10.3390/socsci5040056

Towner, T. and Muñoz, C.  (2016). Baby boom or bust: The effect of social media on Baby Boomers in the 2012 Presidential election, Journal of Political Marketing, doi:

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Muñoz, C.L. (2012).  More than just Wikipedia:  Creating a collaborative research library using a wiki. Marketing Education Review, 22(1), 21-26. [ABDC listed—C level; Cabell’s Acceptance Rate: 20%]

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Towner, T. and Muñoz, C. (2011).  Facebook and education: A Classroom connection.  Educating Educators with Social Media, Emerald Publishing.

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